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Pet Grooming Course

Attention pet dog owners. We can teach you how to groom your own dog. Click the link for details.


Vision / Mission

We breed, show and groom dogs. This slogan sums up our vision and mission.

Vision / Mission.  We breed dogs that adhere to breed standards. Our dogs become well-loved pets and conformation champions. We are admired and respected by fellow breeders and dog enthusiasts for the quality of dogs we breed, the ethical standards we follow, our honesty in dealing with people, and our generosity in sharing our bloodlines and knowledge. We promote the joys of handling one's dog in the show ring. We support pet owners by grooming their dogs and sharing proper grooming care. We make a mark and leave a legacy to the dog world and its enthusiasts.

Core values

Relentless pursuit of Excellence. We find fulfillment in the journey towards the ideal. Our core value, Excellence permeates our three-fold thrusts of breeding, showing and grooming.

Integrity and Honesty. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of our vision and mission. We remain true to our values. In all our dealings, we shall be direct and honest. We hope to be an inspiration to others.

Efficiency. We recognise that resources are scarce. We exert effort in determining the best use for whatever resources we have. We take pride that we delivery quality sans superfluity.

Value creation. We thrive because we add value to society. We are patronised and admired because we deliver value for money.

Generosity.  We bring smiles to homes each time we place a puppy. We delight the public and the connosieurs whenever we show. We enhance people's lives through the dogs we groom.


First Attempts

Perico kennel started with poodles. Sandy, my first purebred dog, was purchased in 1999 on the prodding of a friend who grew up with poodles. This fascination with purebreeds led me to conformation dog shows. Sandy had a beautiful face but did not have the character nor liking for the show ring. This prompted me to acquire Enya, a red toy poodle. In 2001, Enya was bred to a white imported stud to produce Tessa (Perico's Saint Therese), lone female in Perico's first attempt at breeding. Tessa later paired with a white AM and PH champion to produce Kaori (Perico's American Beauty). Sadly, I had to stop breeding and let go of my pets in 2004 as my previous work kept me out of the country for several weeks.

Renewed Passion

Once a dog lover, always a dog lover. This I learned two years after I let go of my poodles. In 2006, I was ready to have toy dogs again. Although I find poodles' intelligence and sensitivity to their humans as second to none, I knew that I would not have the energy to groom a brood of poodles in show clips and to finish their championships. However, in deference to my first purebreds and to share whatever I learned about grooming them, I decided to open a dog grooming shop. To satisfy my yearnings to breed and show, I chose pomeranians and pugs as breeds in which I will specialise. Along the way, I picked up a beagle whose sweet face and compact built I could not resist and fell in love with the magnificent coat of a sheltie. Later, I also got a shih tzu to better understand the grooming requirements of bulk of my clients. I hope to breed, show and groom dogs until retirement.


Our Home

Enrico P. Villanueva   (owner, handler, groomer)

Better Living Subdivision, Parañaque

Tel:   824-5450  /  821-4372


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